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[Horae Beatae Mariae Virginis]

  • Original object type: Artefact
  • Title: [Horae Beatae Mariae Virginis]
  • Corporate Creators: Braddyll family
  • Description:

    f. iii is a medieval flyleaf.

    Decoration: 1 full-page miniature depicting the burial service and 1 smaller miniature of the Virgin and Child, defaced in the Reformation period, and partially repainted much later. The English illuminator of these miniatures also worked on the Hours, Cambridge University Library Kk.2.7 (see Scott, 1996). 3 to 5-line initials in colours patterned in white on decorated gold grounds. 2-line initials in gold on blue and red grounds patterned in white and with short sprays of gold and green that develop into the margins. 1-line initials in blue with red ornament or in gold with blue-grey ornament. 5 full and several partial floral borders. Two major artists worked together: the initials are in an English style, whereas the borders have Netherlandish influences.

    Various parts of the text have been erased.

    Written in textualis quadrata.

    Principal contents: ff. 1r-6v Calendar; ff. 8r-8v Passion sequence according to St John; ff. 9r-14v Prayers; ff. 14v-23r Hours of the Passion; ff. 24r-47r Hours of the Virgin; ff. 47r-77v Devotions to the Virgin; ff. 78r-85v Hours of Holy Trinity; 85v-103r Prayers, devotions and psalms; ff. 103r-115r Suffrages; ff. 117r-129r Penitential psalms and litany; ff. 130r-148v Office of the dead; ff. 149r-163r Psalms and prayers; ff. 164r-171r Psalter of St Jerome; f. 171v Prayers; f. 172r-v Prayer in English "O Blessid trinite. fader sone & holy ghost. thre persones and one god". On iii (verso) and ff. 115v-116v some prayers, the litany of the Virgin and a psalm were added in the 16th century.

    From the library of Lord Brotherton.

    See for a fuller description: N. R. Ker, Medieval Manuscripts in British Libraries, vol. 3 (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1983) pp. 52-56. See also: M. G. Brennan, "The Book of Hours of the Braddyll Family of Whalley Abbey (University of Leeds, Brotherton MS. 15)" in Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire, 1996, vol. 146; and K. L. Scott, Later Gothic Manuscripts, 1390-1490 (London: Harvey Miller, 1996), p. 340.

  • Date range: [ca. 1470-1480]
  • Date: 1475
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