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[Beverley prayer book]

  • Original object type: Artefact
  • Title: [Beverley prayer book]
  • Description:

    Front flyleaves: [i-ii] modern vellum, i-iv paper, [vii-viii] modern vellum. Rear flyleaves are modern vellum. Catchwords for each quire are in scroll cartouches.

    Decoration: 3 full-page coats of arms on first and last pages. 5 large (3- to 5-line) armorial initials in colours on rectangular grounds in burnished gold and within full borders of double-bars decorated with ivyleaves, trumpet flowers and acanthus leaves in colours and gold. The initial on f. 9r is decorated with the royal arms of England (possibly to recognise Robert Tyrwhit's office of royal justiciar). 2-line initials throughout in blue with red penwork and marginal flourishes. Versal initials alternately in red and blue.

    Written in textualis quadrata.

    Each office appears twice, once for the Use of Sarum, and once for the Use of York. Principal contents: ff. 2r-7v Calendar; ff. 9r-21v Penitential Psalms; ff. 22r-31v Litany (Use of Sarum); ff. 31v-42v Litany (Use of York); ff. 43r-102v Office of the Dead (Use of Sarum); ff. 103r-106v Office of the Dead (Use of York); ff. 107r-127r Commendation of Souls, with additions (Use of York) ff. 127r-v; ff. 127v-130v O intemerata.

    Purchased at Sothebys 13.6.1983.

    See for a fuller description Sothebys Catalogue 13.6.1983.

  • Date range: [ca. 1425]
  • Date: 1425
  • Subjects: University Subjects > Philosophy, Religion and History of Science
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