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Three single leaves from medieval liturgical manuscripts

  • Original object type: Artefact
  • Title: Three single leaves from medieval liturgical manuscripts
  • Description:

    Comprises: 1) a leaf from a late 14th-century (?) Book of Hours, with a large arched miniature of the Annunciation, in a French style of painting. The miniature is surrounded by a full decorated border with a peacock, a swallow, strawberries, grapes and flowers. A fine decorated initial 'D' in blue and red, on a gold ground, begins the three lines of text below the miniature (Domine labia mea aperies); 2) a leaf from a 14/15th-century Book of Hours (?), French?, with a prayer to the Virgin, decorated borders; 3) a leaf from a 13th-century Breviary (?), probably English, with readings for Sundays, initials in blue and red.

  • Date range: 14th century
  • Date: 1349
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