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Act V, Sugawara

  • Original object type: Artefact
  • Title: Act V, Sugawara
  • Corporate Creators: Sadahide Utagawa
  • Description:

    Sugawara no. 5: Scene at the house of Shiratuyu, a farmer and faithful servant to Michizane. The three brothers, Matsuo, Sakura-maru, and Umeo, with their respective wives, have come to their father's house to congratulate him on the anniversary of his birthday.

    Shirata-yu is a servant in the employ of Michizane, and possesses three trees, a plum, a cherry, and a pine, of which he is very fond. Triplets are born to him, and Michizane consents to be their godfather. They are named after these three trees. When they grow up they are made 'samurai' and enter the service of their godfather.

    When Michizane is exiled, Matsua, the better to serve his lord's cause, takes service with Tokihira, who is completely deceived and, enlisting his aid, reveals to Matsuo his plans for the murder of Michizane's son, Kanshusai, and the complete overthrow of the Sugawara family.

    So cleverly does Matsuo dissimulate that even his own parents and brothers are deceived, and he is reviled by all and accused of disloyalty to his lord (an unpardonable offence) and disinherited by his family. In this scene he is being set upon by Sakura-maru, the two fighting with their father's rice-bales.

  • Date range: 1820-1867
  • Date: 1843
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