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Crucifixion of Christ (fol. 103r)

  • Original object type: Artefact
  • Title: Crucifixion of Christ (fol. 103r)
  • Description:

    The large arched miniature depicts the crucifixion of Christ, with the Virgin Mary on the left and St. John on the right. Blood pours from Christ's wounds. The scene is set in a rocky landscape with a town visible behind. The border is decorated with flowers, two birds, two cherubim, and a flower vase. The incipit word 'Domine' is painted in gold and colours.

    Context: Hours of the Holy Cross: Matins: Domine labia mea aperies

  • Date range: [ca. 1480-1500]
  • Date: 1490
  • Depositing User: - libemu
  • Date Deposited: 17 Mar 2015 20:02
  • Last Modified: 11 May 2018 08:28