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Judas Machabeus, Nativity of Christ (image 16)

  • Original object type: Artefact
  • Title: Judas Machabeus, Nativity of Christ (image 16)
  • Description:

    The roundel at top left depicts Judas Machabeus (30). The artist has user a generic warrior model, almost identical to that used for Joshua (15) and Alexander (29). The roundel below it depicts the scene of Nativity in the stable. The Virgin Mary, clad in blue, and Joseph in red, kneel around the Christ-child. The town of Nazareth can be seen in the distance, and the ox and the ass look upon the scene.

    Context: History of the world: Biblical history; European history

  • Date range: [ca. 1461-1483]
  • Date: 1472
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  • Date Deposited: 17 Mar 2015 20:03
  • Last Modified: 17 Mar 2015 20:04