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St. Athanasius (fol. 145r)

  • Original object type: Artefact
  • Title: St. Athanasius (fol. 145r)
  • Description:

    The historiated initial depicts St. Athanasius, Archbishop of Alexandria (4th century), wearing a gown, a cloak and a mitre, and holding an episcopal staff. The border is decorated with speedwells, strawberries, thistles, pea flowers, primroses, and a grotesque figure with a human head (?) wearing a woman's head-dress on a lion's body.

    Context: Athanasian Creed: Canticum beati athanasii episcopi: Quicumque vult salvus esse

  • Date range: [ca.1480-1500]
  • Date: 1490
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