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De las propiedades de las cosas

  • Original object type: Artefact
  • Title: De las propiedades de las cosas
  • Description:

    Signatures: a⁶ 2a⁸ b-m⁸ n-o⁶ A-M⁸ aa⁶ bb-ee⁸ ff-gg⁶ hh-oo⁸ pp⁴.

    Imprint from colophon.

    Colophon on pp4v reads: Feneçe el libro delas propiedades delas cosas trasladado de latin en romançe, por el reuere[n]do padre fray vinçente de burgos. Emprimido en la noble çiudad de tholosa por henrique meyer d[e] aleman[n]a a honor de dios [e] d[e] nuestra señora [e] al prouecho de muchos rudos [e] ynorantes. acabo se enel a[n]no del señor de mil [e] quatro çientos [e] nouenta quatro a diez [e] ocho del mes de setie[m]bre.

    Title from 2a1r: Comiença el libro de las propiedades de las cosas.

    Half title on 1ar: El libro de propietatibus rerum.

    Translated by Vicente de Burgos.

    First Spanish edition of this work.

    Initial spaces with guide-letters at the beginning of books and in quires aa-gg. Ornamental woodcut initials elsewhere.

    The book includes eighteen woodcut illustrations (some repeated) and six woodcut diagrams. There are depictions of angels in heaven with swords and musical instruments, the creation of Adam and Eve, the elements, and the signs of the zodiac alongside months of the year. Several of the woodcuts are of medical interest and include illustrations of an autopsy with a professor of medicine lecturing to his pupils, and a physician visiting an apothecary and a patient. Another woodcut depicts mining and dredging operations. There are also representations of animals and birds, plants and trees, and the ages of man.

    Woodcut on a1r depicting the arms of Castile and Aragon.

    Woodcut printer's mark on pp4v with the initial M.

    Indexed in: ISTC no. ib00150000.

    Indexed in: Hain-Copinger-Reichling 2523; Klebs 152.1; Pellechet 1887; Goff B150.

  • Date range: a[n]no del señor de mil [e] quatro çientos [e] nouenta quatro a diez [e] ocho del mes de setie[m]bre. [18 September 1494]
  • Date: 1494