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Beech Grove House

  • Original object type: Artefact
  • Title: Beech Grove House
  • Description:

    (1) Shot from the steps of University House, South West Elevation, edge of the Man Made Fibres Building to the left of the picture, Union Building to the far right(2) Shot of East side of the Building, South West Elevation(3) Shot of the approach to the building from the East, showing the gate outside the Union Building(4) Close up shot in colour, South East Elevation, students outside, during Freshers Week [(1) - (4) in same envelope](5) Close up shot through trees, North East Elevation(6) Similar shot, but South East Elevation, showing stable block [(5) & (6) in same envelope](7) Similar shot, South East Elevation, but later, stable block now demolished, Man Made Fibres Building in the background(8) Shot of front of building, Eastern Elevation, January 1975, after cleaning (negative) (9) Colour printed Christmas card, reproduced from the Bilbrough sketch book, Leeds City Archives, of a sketch, depicting the iron gates erected by J.O. March at Beech Grove House (now 'Education House') and still in position at the Eastern approach to the Union Building. In the background are Virginia Cottage (now Lyddon Hall) and Mount Preston (4 copies).

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