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    Typescript recollections of an Aide de Camp; Memorial address; Maps; Telegram and papers, referring to his capture and escape; Copies of POW (Prisoner of War) drawings from Ingolstadt; Recollections 'The Chemin des Dames' revisited; Diary from Palestine (1918); Folder containing staff notes; Various papers; Photographs; Photograph album; Book 'Idle Warriors'; Compass; Framed items: Portrait photograph; Commission (1913); Photograph and drawings of POWs and Ingolstadt Camp barrack interiors (1916-1918) and escape-route map ([1917]); Letter of congratulation on escape, from Clive Wigram on behalf of George V, telegram invitation to lunch at Windsor Castle (1917); Medals (Military Cross, 1914 Star ("Mons Star"), War Medal 1914-1920, Victory Medal 1914-1918, Defence Medal 1939-1945, War Medal 1939-1945); Turkish flag and explanatory note (1917); 31 volumes of 'Journal', 1932-1980; Sardine tin with hidden maps intended to aid escape from POW camp.

  • Date range: 1913-1918, 1932-1980
  • Date: 1946
  • Subjects: University Subjects > History
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