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Various culinary receipts compiled by Dorothy Darby

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  • Title: Various culinary receipts compiled by Dorothy Darby
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    Watermark, 'R. Glover 1798', ff. 1 and 2. Inscriptions: front paste-down, 'Dorothy Darby's Cyphering Book'; back paste-down, 'Dorothy Darby, Hadley Green, near Barnet, Middlesex'. Folios bearing her 'cyphering' have been torn out from front and back, probably one 12mo gathering at each end; stubs, many pasted together, remain, some showing fragments of calculations. Contemporary pagination omits stubs. Present ff. 25, 26r, and 28 are blank; further stubs between present folios 10/11, 21/22, 22/23 and 27/28

  • Date range: c.1800
  • Date: 1800
  • Keywords: Cookery, RecipesFood Science and Nutrition
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