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    File 1: 3 diaries and one notebook diary (7 May-3 July 1916); Typescript sermons (nd); Typescript diary of events from 25 Apr 1916 (nd); Folder of manuscript and typescript letters (Apr-May 1916).

    File 2: 4 copies of 'The Tribunal' (15 June 1916); Photograph, possibly of the Brocklesby family (nd); Pamphlet 'Why I May Not Kill My Brother' by Theodora Wilson Wilson (nd); Issue of 'The C.O.'s Hansard', with photocopy (15th May-13 July 1916); Pamphlet 'Obedience to Conscience' (July 1941); Pamphlet 'Refugees and the Christian Conscience' by Viscount Cecil of Chelwood (nd); Pamphlet 'Testimony to the Commons' by Alfred Salter M.P. [Nov 1941]; Pamphlet 'The Courage That Brings Peace' by Norman Gaudie, with photocopy (nd); Copy of Military Service Act, 1916, with supplementary communication from the Friends' Service Committee (1916); Copy of journal 'The Friend', Vol. 131, No. 13 (30 Mar 1973); Photocopied recollections 'I Remember' by Dr Frederick R Irvine (1898-1962) (nd); Photocopied typescript recollections of John Brocklesby, 1914-1919 (nd); Press cuttings, some with annotations (7 Aug 1966, 17 Feb 1973, 2-8 Jan 1982, 12 Feb 1982, 19 May 1986).

    File 3: Postcard of Conscientious Objectors at Dyce Camp, Aberdeen (1916); 4 press cuttings (nd, 16 Feb 1916, 1919); Envelope addressed to No. 672 Private N Gaudie (nd); Booklet 'The No-Conscription Fellowship: a souvenir of its work during the years 1914-1919' (nd); Booklet 'Troublesome People: a reprint of the No-Conscription Fellowship Souvenir describing its work during the years 1914-1919' (nd); Typescript of claim for absolute exemption, with transcript copy (nd); Manuscript notes, possibly relating to potential Tribunal questions (10 Apr 1916); Manuscript letter from TE Harvey, with photocopy (2 June 1916); 2 manuscript letters from N Gaudie to H Gordon Pritchard and Lieutenant F Taylor (6 Apr 1916, 16 Apr 1916); Manuscript list of Conscientious Objectors, including addresses, religion and political affiliations (nd); Discharge certificate (30 May 1919); Notice of Hearing (4 Mar 1916); Duplicate Notice of Appeal (nd); Notice of Appeal to Central Tribunal (7 Apr 1916).

    File 4: Papers, press cuttings and correspondence relating to Richmond Castle (1981-1983); Postcard of Richmond Castle (nd); 2 letters from Peter Liddle (5 Apr 1982, 22 Apr 1982); Photocopy of pamphlet 'The Courage That Brings Peace' by Norman Gaudie (nd); Photocopy of 'Brief Statement of My Experience in 1916' by N Gaudie (nd).

    File 5: Magazine 'Echoes', Issue No. 9, with article 'Prepared to die...', with photocopy (8 Jan 1991); Sheet of manuscript notes relating to Conscientious Objection of Norman Gaudie in the First World War and Martyn Gaudie in the Second World War, with additional notes on the United Nations and Russia (nd); Quaker circular with manuscript notes relating to papers of Norman Gaudie written on reverse (Feb 1982, nd).

  • Date range: 1914-1919, 1941
  • Date: 1927
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