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Hebrew synagogue Megillah scroll

  • Original object type: Artefact
  • Title: Hebrew synagogue Megillah scroll
  • Description:

    Held in an open-ended cardboard tube 430 mm long and covered with black cloth on which there is some blindtooling and a label on which is typed, 'Bible/ Book of Esther/ Hebrew synagogue roll/ MS. 400'. The Hebrew text contains many tagim. The scroll is somewhat worn and mutilated.

    This scroll of Esther was probably written during the thirteenth century for synagogue use during the Jewish feast of Purim.

    Comprises a complete synagogue Megillah scroll.

    From the library of Lord Brotherton.

  • Date range: ca. 1201-1300
  • Date: 1250
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  • Date Deposited: 06 Mar 2017 21:53
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