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Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 45 (2014): Complete Volume

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  • Title: Leeds Studies in English, New Series, 45 (2014): Complete Volume
  • Creators: Hall, Alaric and Yavuz, N. Kıvılcım
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    Carl Phelpstead, 'Ecocriticism and Eyrbyggja saga' (pp. 1-18) Stephen Graham, 'Scyld scyle cempan: The Shield and the Warrior in Old English Poetry' (pp. 19-33) P. S. Langeslag, 'Kinsmen Before Christ, Part I: The Latin Transmission' (pp. 34-48) Jeremy Goldberg, 'John Rykener, Richard II and the Governance of London' (pp. 49-70) Sharon Hubbs Wright and Michael Cichon, 'Fiction After Felony: Innovation and Transformation in the Eland Outlaw Narratives' (pp. 71-86) Sharon Hubbs Wright, ' ‘The Death of Sir John Ealand of Ealand and his sonne in olde rymthe’: Four New Eland Manuscripts and the Transmission of a West Yorkshire Legend' (pp. 87-129)


    Katie Wiles, review of Catherine A. M. Clarke, Writing Power in Anglo-Saxon England: Texts, Hierarchies, Economies. Cambridge: Brewer, 2012 (pp. 131-33) Thomas Gobbitt, review of Donald Scragg, A Conspectus of Scribal Hands Writing English, 960–1100. Cambridge: Brewer, 2012 (pp. 134-35) Catalin Taranu, review of Peter S. Baker, Honour, Exchange and Violence in ‘Beowulf’. Cambridge: Brewer, 2013 (pp. 135-38) Paola Scarpini, review of Larissa Tracy, Castration and Culture in the Middle Ages. Cambridge: Brewer 2013 (pp. 138-41) Trevor Russell Smith, review of Charlotte Brewer and Barry Windeatt, Traditions and Innovations in the Study of Medieval English Literature: The Influence of Derek Brewer. Cambridge: Brewer, 2013 (pp. 141-43) Jan Vandeburie, review of Mary C. Flannery and Katie L. Walter, The Culture of Inquisition in Medieval England. Cambridge: Brewer, 2013 (pp. 143-47)

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  • Date: 2014
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