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Photographs and Slides

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  • Title: Photographs and Slides
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    Item 1. 13 photographs of Anzac , including Shrapnel Gully, 2 of Walkers Ridge, and various outposts and landing areas.(donor AD Blanks). Item 2. 8 photographs (faint) including two taken just before the Evacuation (donor FJ Spence). Item 5. 2 photographs of prisoners being searched and a visit by Brigadier General Mackasey in Egypt (donor NJ Armstrong). Item 7. Photograph of landing stage at Anzac (donor Mrs CA Evans). Item 9. Nicholas Brosnahan. Photograph of an Anzacs shirt inspection at Gallipoli (donor Mrs L Griffin). tem 10. Photographs - a) 10 of ships in Alexandria and Lemnos; b) 9 of Hospitals and casualties; c) 2 of trenches; d) 2 of a pontoon and reinforcements (donor R Howard). Item 11. Photographs - a) 13 of terrain at Gallipoli; b) 9 of coast and harbour including Chanak from Kilid Bahr Plateau; c) 4 of Artillery, including 14inch gun at Chanak; d) 2 of Camp and entrance (donor WH Leaman). Item 12. Photograph of Officers and Men of the Rearguard Party which left ANZAC Beach 20.12 1915 (taken later in Cairo donor JMcMillan). !tem 13. 9 photographs -First 5 Turkish POW's (Prisoners of War) taken by NZ Division, Naval landing party at Anzac Cove, French Cruiser which assisted in the Landing, NZ Divisional Post Office and staff, Anzac Cove, Hospital Ship, ASC (Army Service Corps) supply dump at Anzac Cove, New Zealand Cemetery at foot of Shrapnel Gully and hauling gun from Anzac Beach to Pluggies Plateau (donor FW Parker). Item 14. 3 photographs of unknown New Zealand soldiers; 4 photographs of the beach at Gallipoli; Grave of a New Zealand officer; A view of Anzac; Photograph of "a place of ill-fame" wrecked by Australian and New Zealand troops, Easter Sunday 1915; Photograph of a burial party and trenches being repaired on the day of the "Armistice" (donor F Rogers). Item 15. 46 very faded photographs of Gallipoli and Lemnos (donor WC Ryan). Item 16. Postcard/photograph of unknown beach (donor FG Smith). Item 17. Photographs - a) 4 of New Zealand troops disembarking at Alexandria; b) 9 of various ships including HMAS Melbourne, Athenia and Sydney; c) 6 of troops on board to Egypt; d) Officers of the Athenia; e) Card to Commemorate the successful landing of the Otago Infantry Battalion on Gallipoli, 25th Apl 1915 (donor OL Watson).

  • Date range: 1914-1918
  • Date: 1916
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