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Leeds Waits music manuscript entitled 'English Airs', written probably by William Crawshaw.

  • Original object type: Artefact
  • Title: Leeds Waits music manuscript entitled 'English Airs', written probably by William Crawshaw.
  • Description:

    Contains the following fifty-seven 1, 2 and 3 part pieces: Strain of Mr. Chilcot, In praise of Bacchus, Collin's farewell to Grisy, The northern lad's complaint, Minuet by Mr. Festing, Vauxhall or Spring Gardens, Minuet, The soldier's song, Trumpet air, Capt. Death, Villa Francha minuet, Scouth tune, An Air by Mr Handel, Gavot, Minuet, The fairing, Minuets by Mr Festing, Lady Millbank's minuet, Lord Downes minuet, Sally, Scotch tune, Duke of Glosters march, Air, The dust cart, Sung by Miss Macklin at the Theatre Royal in Drurylain, Minuet, March, The jigg by Mr. Humphries, Brisk Are, March, The King of Prussia's March, Air, [unnamed piece], Minuet, Le con de chasse or The French chase, Shilinagare, Minuet, Minuet, Minuet, [unnamed piece], March, Mr Chrion's minuet, Hit her upon the bun, Dunkon Gray, March, March, The royal foristers march, The Liverpole march, The Wiltshire militia's march or Ld. Bruce's, The Duke of Bedford's march, Lord Pembrook's march, Collonell Shorton (Thorton?), Vito primo march of Mr. Hershell, The Macklenburg minuet, Hymn, The new Coldstream march, and The five hunt. Technical notes about music occur on f. 1.

    Quarter vellum binding, with marbled paper covering the boards. On front cover a red goatskin label with gold lettering: 'English Airs'. Four lines of music on each page, staves drawn.

  • Date range: 1760s-1770s
  • Date: 1769
  • Keywords: Waits (Musicians) - England - Leeds - History., Music - 18th century.
  • Subjects: University Subjects > Music
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