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Elizabeth Gaskell letter concerning Haworth sanitation

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  • Title: Elizabeth Gaskell letter concerning Haworth sanitation
  • Description:

    Letter written from Plymouth Grove addressed to an unidentified correspondent. Gaskell begins by asking them to “pity the sorrows of two poor authoresses (“...Miss Brontë, the authoress of Jane Eyre & myself...”), discussing her recent visit to Haworth, describing the position of the town (“...Haworth is a long narrow street, clambering up the side of a steep bleak hill at the top of which is the Church with a terribly over-filled Church yard, in the middle of which stands the Parsonage...”), explaining in detail the town’s serious problems with water supply and sanitation, and asking for advice on how to compel an intransigent local landowner to allow water pipes to be laid under his field.

    The letter describes how Gaskell “had to keep my handkerchief on my nose always” when passing through the churchyard, and that "Miss Brontë can tell which way the wind is in the morning before she gets up by the smell which fills her bedroom if it blows from the churchyard".

  • Date range: 26 September 1853
  • Date: 1853
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