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Branwell Brontë letter to Hartley Coleridge

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  • Title: Branwell Brontë letter to Hartley Coleridge
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    Letter, written from Broughton-in-Furness, addressed to Coleridge introducing himself and sending him examples his poetry for criticism, enclosing autograph manuscript fair copies of ‘At dead of midnight - drearily’, described as “the sequel of one striving to depict the fall from unguided passion into neglect, despair, and death. - It ought to shew an hour too near those of pleasure, for repentance, and too near death for hope” and his translations of Horace, Odes, Book One, 14 and 15,

    “....Since my childhood, I have been wont to devote the hours I could spare from other and very different employments, to efforts at literary composition, always keeping the results to myself [...] but I am about to enter active life and prudence tells me not to waste the time which must make my independence - yet, sir, I love writing too well to fling aside the practise of it without an effort to ascertain whether I could turn it to account, not in wholly maintaining my self but in aiding my maintenance...”

  • Date range: 20 April 1840
  • Date: 1840
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