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Branwell Bronte letter to Hartley Coleridge

  • Original object type: Artefact
  • Title: Branwell Bronte letter to Hartley Coleridge
  • Description:

    Letter addressed to Hartley Coleridge, written from Haworth, recalling “the delightful day which I had the honour of spending with you at Ambleside”, and sending him his completed translation of Horace’s First Book of Odes (“...I dared not have attempted Horace but that I saw the utter worthlessness of all former translations, and thought that a better one, by whomsoever executed, might meet with some little encouragement...”), emphasising his willingness to make any changes suggested by Hartley Coleridge,offering to dedicate the book to him, and to share any profits. Accompanying manuscript no longer present.

  • Date range: 27 June 1840
  • Date: 1840
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