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Aesopus, Fabulae

  • Original object type: Artefact
  • Title: Aesopus, Fabulae
  • Description:

    Place of publication: Basel, Germany

    Typology: Gothic

    Initials: Two ornate initials: 'A' and 'C'; unrubricated, unilluminated.

    Illustrations: One woodcut showing four figures: a knight with a sword in his mouth, leaning on his shield; a kneeling friar holding a chalice; a countryman holding a farming tools; and a standing figure, clapping.

    Layout: Text in one column; woodcut spans width of page.

    Comment: Reader annotations in margin and underlining within text; annotations have been cut so are illegible. Number '160' inserted in top right-hand corner in same ink as annotations.

  • Date range: c.1500
  • Date: 1500
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  • Date Deposited: 23 Jul 2013 08:36
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