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(1912) Reprint of two papers by Max Laue (1879-1960) and others, given at a meeting of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences on 8 June and 6 July 1912. [Artefact]

(1913) Notebook of Sir William Henry Bragg and Sir William Lawrence Bragg. [Artefact]


Twaddells [Germany] (1880) 9 Hydrometers. [Image]

ESI Alpha particle transmission. [Image]

Amplifier. [Image]

Ever Ready Assorted batteries. [Image]

Battery. [Image]

Exide (1945) Battery. [Image]

(1970) Calculating machine. [Image]

Cincinnati Clock & Ins. C Camera. [Image]

Capacitor. [Image]

(1930) Capacitor. [Image]

Cathodeon. [Image]

(1930) Cell. [Image]

Cell. [Image]

Weston (1936) Certificate. [Image]

Packard Bell Computer. [Image]

Computer. [Image]

Griffin and George Ltd, London Continuous flow calorimeter. [Image]

Philip Harris Convex & Concave mirrors. [Image]

Crystal set. [Image]

Density meter. [Image]

Electroscope. [Image]

Electroscope. [Image]

Siemens Edison, Swan Ltd (1957) Flash tube. [Image]

Funnel. [Image]

Pye, Cambridge (1946) Galvanometer calibrator. [Image]

Gas burner. [Image]

Griffin and George Ltd, London Griffin "g" by free fall apparatus. [Image]

Half-life measurement. [Image]

Jumping ring. [Image]

Leyden jar. [Image]

Benjamin Electric Ltd (1940) Light meter. [Image]

Macleod Gauge. [Image]

WB Nicolson, Glasgow Millikan's Apparatus. [Image]

Modelling kit. [Image]

Kinora Co Ltd (1890) Moving picture machine. [Image]

Multimeter. [Image]

Neutron counter. [Image]

Leybold, Germany Optical equipment. [Image]

Oscilloscope. [Image]

Oscilloscope. [Image]

WH Harling, London Pencil and pen drawing tools. [Image]

Paul Cook Labs Ltd, 40-48 High St., Acton Pendagraph scientific toy. [Image]

Potentiometer. [Image]

Prism. [Image]

Radiation box. [Image]

Marconi Radio tube. [Image]

WG Pye & Co, Cambridge Search coil. [Image]

Search coils. [Image]

Strain Gauge. [Image]

Leybold Switch. [Image]

Ericsson Telephones Ltd Switching tube. [Image]

WG Pye & Co. Cambridge Tangent Galvanometer compass. [Image]

Thermocouple. [Image]

Two packets of tuning forks. [Image]

Canadian General Electric (1950) Valve. [Image]

Vela. [Image]

Voltmeter. [Image]

Weston, NJ, USA (1936) Voltmeter. [Image]

Weston (1935) Voltmeter certificate. [Image]

Philip Harris, Birmingham Wheatstone Bridge. [Image]

WBN Glasgow, Interrupter. [Image]

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