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[Opera] (v.2)

  • Original object type: Artefact
  • Title: [Opera] (v.2)
  • Corporate Creators: Ovid
  • Description:

    Signatures: volume 1: [*]⁸ A-R⁸ S¹⁰ T⁸ V¹⁰ X-Y⁸ (leaf Y8 blank, leaf [*1] possibly blank, leaves G3-G4 signed F.iii.-F.iiii.); volume 2: aa-ff⁸ gg⁶ ²gg⁸ hh-nn⁸ oo⁶ pp-rr⁸ (leaf aa1r blank, leaf gg6 blank); volume 3: A-B¹⁰ C-T⁸ V¹⁰ (leaves A1 and V10 blank, leaves A2-A4 signed A.i.-A .iii., leaves A5, B1 and C4 unsigned).

    Imprint from colophon to volume 1.

    Colophon on Y7v of volume 1 reads: Impressum Parmæ ductu & i[m]pensis mei stephani coralli lugdunensis.M.cccc.l.xxvii. die primo Iullii.

    Contents: Heroides; Amores; Ars amandi; De remedio amoris; Ibis; Fasti; Tristia; Epistolae ex Ponto; De pulice; De Philomela; De medicamine faciei; De nuce; Consolatio ad Liviam; Metamorphoses. Also Domitius Calderinus: note on Ovid's exile. Sappho ad Phaonem. Life of Sappho from Suidas and others. Sabinus: Epistolae Ulyssis ad Penelopen and others.

    Printed with 39 or 40 long lines to a full page.

    Initial spaces with guide-letters.

    Indexed in: ISTC no. io00129000.

    Indexed in: Goff O129; HC(+Add) 12140; Pell Ms 8823 (8687); CIBN O-81; Parguez 767; IGI 7044; IDL 3479; Sajó-Soltész 2487; Ohly-Sack 2180; Madsen 2979; Oates 2571; Rhodes(Oxford Colleges) 1283; Sheppard 5655-5656, 5657, 5658; Pr 6844; BMC VII 940.

  • Date range: M.cccc.l.xxvii. die primo Iullii. [1 July 1477]
  • Date: 1477
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