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Miscellaneous poems

  • Original object type: Artefact
  • Title: Miscellaneous poems
  • Description:

    First edition.

    With a preface to the reader signed Mary Marvell (i.e. Palmer, Andrew Marvell's house-keeper), stating "Printed according to the exact copies of my late dear husband".

    Issue with certain leaves reprinted to cover the removal of the poems which were withdrawn for political reasons. Sigs. R, S and T1 appear to have been replaced by a 2-leaf gathering, the leaves signed R and S respectively, although the pagination remains unaltered. Gatherings U and X also appear to have been replaced by a 2-leaf cancel gathering, the leaves being signed U and X respectively. The book now ends at p. 139, the final leaf being printed on the recto side only.

    Indexed in: Wing M872.

  • Date range: 1681
  • Date: 1681
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