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Plant Sciences, Department of

  • Original object type: Artefact
  • Title: Plant Sciences, Department of
  • Description:

    (1) Shot showing field reseach being carried out on the coastline(2) 2 shots showing students working with equipment (b/w, both mounted on the same card)(3) Shot of a piece of automatic soil sampling equipment in a research laboratory [(2) and (3) in the same envelope](4) Shot of 4 delegates at the mycorrhizas conference, Leeds University, 1974, with names on rear (2 copies)(5) 2 shots of staff with trophies at the Harrogate Flower Show, 1977/8 (2 copies of one photograph)(6) 4 shots showing staff and students working under glass (i.e. in greenhouses)(7) 8 shots showing experiments with re-vegetation on Pulverised Fuel Ash at Thorpe Marsh Power Station, 1975(8) 3 shots of re-vegetation on Pulverised Fuel Ash at Drakelow Power Station, Staffordshire, 1973 (4 copies of one photograph, 3 of another, 2 of another)(9) 2 shots of the single cell plant/protozoon Euglena Viridis, taken under the microscope, showing the surface topography (b/w mounted)

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