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Semitic Studies, Department of

  • Original object type: Artefact
  • Title: Semitic Studies, Department of
  • Description:

    (1) Shot of a lake at Motya, Sicily, taken duting Dr. Isserlin's expedition, 1968 (2 copies)(2) Shot of the Long Gallery in the Department, with exhibits in cases(3) Shot of a tombstone in the Departmental cast collection, illustrating near Eastern inscriptions(4) Shot of a member of staff (probably Dr. Isserlin), with 3 students in a tuition class [(2) -(4) in the same envelope](5) 3 further shots of staff with students, during tuition sessions(6) 6 shots of illustrated manuscripts (3 b/w photographs duplicated as b/w negatives + 3 further b/w negatives)

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