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Wellcome Marine Laboratory, Robin Hoods Bay

  • Original object type: Artefact
  • Title: Wellcome Marine Laboratory, Robin Hoods Bay
  • Description:

    (1) 4 shots showing work being carried out by students in Robin Hoods Bay (2 copies of one photograph, another photograph mounted)(2) 18 shots, showing research being carried out by staff and students in and around the Research Laboratory (2 copies of one photograph)(3) 7 shots showing Dr. J.R. Lewis (Director) and Dr. J.S. Gray (Lecturer) at the Marine Laboratory, (+ 1 shot of an unidentified man)(4) 5 shots of the Whit weekend marine biology field course for biology school teachers, 1976, with a covering letter, identifying participants and subjects in the photographs (all shots duplicated, + 5 negatives)(5) Shot of the Nyord - the Marine Laboratory's boat, in Whitby harbour (the boat was built by Golden Clarkson, Whitehall Shipyard, Whitby in 1966; the Nyord grab was built by Valeport Deupts Ltd)(6) Further shot of the Nyord(7) 10 shots of the Nyord grab - a piece of sampling equipment with a winch [(6) and (7) in the same envelope](8) Shot of the Vice Chancellor, Sir Roger Stevens with Dr. J.R. Lewis and 2 other people - occasion unknown(9) Group shot including civic dignatories - occasion unknown, but including the Vice Chancellor, Sir Roger Stevens and Dr. J.R. Lewis [(8) and (9) in the same envelope]

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