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Department of Botany - Beech Grove Terrace

  • Original object type: Artefact
  • Title: Department of Botany - Beech Grove Terrace
  • Description:

    (1) Close up shot from South Elevation, cars parked outside, c. 1985(2) Close up colour shot, South West Elevation(3) Close up colour shot, North West Elevation, edge of the the New Arts Block (now the Michael Sadler Building) in background, far left(4) 7 photographs of sketches from the 'Bilbrough Sketchbook', Leeds City Archives - four of the interior ca. 1880, when it was a domestic dwelling - one is of the exterior and is dated and signed March 16 1888. A further shot shows an adjacent courtyard, with a tree overhanging a road, where a girl is walking. The remaining shot shows a tall tree in a courtyard and is dated and signed by J.B. Bilbrough, May 17 1880 - All 7 are located in Plans Chest IV drawer 4

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