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The annales, or, Generall chronicle of England

  • Original object type: Artefact
  • Title: The annales, or, Generall chronicle of England
  • Description:

    Engraved title-page, reading: Londini, Impensis Thomae Adams, 1615; Colophon: Imprinted in London... by Thomas Dawson for Thomas Adams, anno 1615.

    Title within architectural woodcut border.

    "An appendix or corollary of the foundations and discriptions of the three most famous vniuersities of Englande, viz. Cambridge, Oxford, and London, the matters where of concerning the former two vniuersities were gathered by... Iohn Stow ... and continued by Edmond Howes ... the thirde was collected and written by Syr George Buck"--P. [950] (special t.p.). Buck's part also has special t.p.

    Includes index.

    Indexed in: STC (2nd ed.) 23338.

  • Date range: 1615
  • Date: 1615
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