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Directorium humane vite, alias, Parabole antiquorum sapientum

  • Original object type: Artefact
  • Title: Directorium humane vite, alias, Parabole antiquorum sapientum
  • Description:

    Signatures: a-m⁶ n¹⁰.

    Imprint from ISTC.

    Latin translation by Giovanni da Capua of the Hebrew version of Kalīlah wa-Dimnah (Arabic version of Fables of Bidpai).

    On the four issues of this edition (i.e. the two states of H 4411* (A and B), H 4411a (C) and its later re-issue (D)), see F. Geissler: Die Inkunabeln des Directorium vitae humanae, Beiträge zur Inkunabelkunde, Dritte Folge, 1 (1965) pp. 7-47. According to P. Needham, H 4411a is a separable, later edition while Geissler's second state of H 4411 has "only scattered in-press forme corrections. They do not distinguish a separate issue" (Sotheby's NY, 17 Dec. 1992, lot 13).

    Illustrated with 119 woodcuts, mostly half-page. The series is repeated from the earlier German translation of this work printed by Konrad Fyner of Urach; cf. A. Schramm, Der Bilderschmuck der Frühdrucke, IX, p. 10-13.

    Full-page woodcut frontispiece representing the King of Persia with a crown and sceptre seated on a Gothic throne, and standing before him a figure presenting a bound volume, presumably a copy of the fables.

    Printed with 50 long lines to a full page.

    Printed headlines.

    Initial spaces, some with guide-letters.

    Leaves a2-4 are signed a1-3 in error.

    Leaf n5 is signed n in error.

    Indexed in: ISTC no. ij00268000.

    Indexed in: Hain(+Add)-Copinger 4411.

  • Date range: [about 1489]
  • Date: 1489
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