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De laniis & phitonicis mulieribus

  • Original object type: Artefact
  • Title: De laniis & phitonicis mulieribus
  • Description:

    Signatures: a-b⁸ c-d⁶.

    Imprint from ISTC.

    BMC dates the book to about 1488-93.

    Title taken from leaf a1r.

    Introductory letter addressed to Sigmund, Archduke of Austria.

    Leaf a2r: Tractat[us] ad illustrissimu[m] principem d[omi]n[u]m Sigismundum archiducem austrie. Stirie carinthie [etcetera] de lanijs [et] phitonicis mulieribus per Ulricum molitoris de constantia. studij papiensis. decretorum doctorem [et] curie constantien[um] causarum patronum. ad honore[m] eiusde[m] principis ac sub sue celsitudinis eme[n]datio[n]e scriptis.

    Text written in the form of a dialogue.

    Text dated and signed at the end (leaf d5v): anno d[omi]ni.m.cccc.lxxxix.die decima ianuarij. Tue celsitudinis humilis co[n]siliarius [et] seruulus vlricus molitoris de consta[n]tia decreto[rum] doctor.

    There are six full-page woodcuts designed for the book and measuring about 120 x 75mm on a4v, a7r, b2v, b4v, c1r, d1r. A larger woodcut measuring 135 x 92mm of a procession for exorcism from De miseria curatorum appears on a1v.

    Printed with 35 long lines to a full page.

    The final leaf is blank.

    Indexed in: ISTC no. im00794000.

    Indexed in: Hain. Repertorium 11535; Schramm. Bilderschmuck d. Frühdr., v.20, p. 27; Proctor, 562; BMC I 126 (IA. 1723; dated: [about 1488-1493]); Goff. Third census, M-794.

  • Date range: [not before 10 January 1489]
  • Date: 1489
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